The statistics on breast cancer indicate the key to survival is early detection

How early detection can help you beat breast cancer.

When it comes to breast cancer and other women's health issues, early detection really is the key to for a successful recovery. In fact, the statistics on breast cancer from the American Breast Cancer Foundation indicate that women diagnosed with breast cancer in its earliest stages actually have a five year survival rate of over 98%.

Statistics on breast cancer show the importance of early detection of the disease and each and every woman should take their breast health seriously. Here are a few ways you can help ensure the early detection of breast cancer.

Breast care for women

Monthly self exams -- Every woman should begin monthly breast self exams around age 20. Doing an exam each month will allow you to know your body and find out what is normal for your breasts. This will help make it easier for you to notice any changes that may occur in the breasts so you can seek medical attention if necessary for early detection.

Clinical breast exams -- These exams are much like a self exam, except it is performed by a medical professional. Clinical breast exams are suggested for women of ages 20-39 at least every three years and for women over age 40, it should be done annually.

Mammograms -- Woman should have their first mammogram between the ages of 35 and 40. According to the American Cancer Society guidelines, woman over 40 should have a mammogram each year after that. This test is the best way to help with women's health issues with breast cancer and detection. In fact, a mammogram can actually detect breast cancer two years before a lump can be felt!

It is up to each woman to take charge of her health and these exams for early detection of breast cancer can help save the life of mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, and aunts everywhere.

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