How to stay in style and keep your eyes sharp: The importance of sunglasses in cataract prevention

Sunglasses are important sun protection products, especially for older adults.

Sunglasses are important sun protection products, especially for older adults. These stylish accessories are good resolutions for women who want to enhance vision protection. After age 40, many eye diseases begin to present themselves and interrupt normal vision abilities.

Cataracts are very common among older adults. Wearing sunglasses can help treat cataracts, according to NIM and other medical resources.

Cataracts occur when the lens becomes cloudy and your ability to focus on objects becomes difficult. You may view things, but they are blurry; there is no known cause for cataracts in many cases. Exposure to ultraviolet light, a component of sunlight, is one variable known to accelerate the formation of cataracts.

Using sunglasses to reduce UV light is widely recommended. Today's choice range for sunglass fashion is exceptional; you can select frames to fit any styling theme you prefer and gain potential benefits to your aging vision, it makes perfect sense to wear sunglasses whenever you venture outside.

Age is a factor in the formation of cataracts, with increasing problems evidenced as mild clouding conditions after age 60. By age 75, cataracts are a problem affecting the vision of most people.

The condition presents itself through glare sensitivity, fuzzy vision, difficultly with night or low light vision, doubling of vision, colors are less intense, you may see halos around lights, and you might have trouble distinguishing shapes or shades of colors.

The condition can be diagnosed through an eye examination and can be helped if you use magnifiers, better lighting, a change in eyeglass prescription and wearing sunglasses. If the condition progresses and begins to bother you, surgery can be a solution. For some eye conditions, any cataracts must be removed before those other conditions can be treated.

Staying in style and keeping your eyes sharp is easy today. Use of sun protection products is wise for both skin and vision. Early treatment is beneficial; wearing sunglasses is an easy fix and quite affordable. Choose stylish frames but make sure the lenses filter out UV rays.

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