Do you have decreased testosterone? Identify the symptoms

The Cost of Permitting Low Testosterone To Invade Your Relationship

Age brings about many unwanted changes. The grinders cease, but partial plates make up some of the difference. The windows into the world grow dim, but prescription glasses renew the light. The sounds of the birds fade, but hearing aids restore the life of early morning rising. So too is the essence of desire. Male hormones cease to produce. Low testosterone hinders the yearning in the flesh and the mind. The joys of an intimate relationship fade into a cluttered memory that hinders the present-day pleasures of life, leisure and love.

But such losses need not be permanent

A decrease in testosterone involves many symptoms, most of which can be treated in a way that produces effective body changes. Take action against the medical complications that follow the natural decrease in male hormone activity. Refuse to let low testosterone invade your relationship. Be on the lookout for this and other symptoms that suggest low testosterone levels. They include:

  1. The gradual loss of sexual desire
  2. Barren seed
  3. Restlessness and loss of sleep
  4. Decreasing muscle mass
  5. Accumulated body fat
  6. Tenderness in the breast
  7. Hair loss
  8. Feelings of depression
  9. Trouble with concentration
  10. Reduced bone density

The body structure of every man differs. Not everyone with low levels of testosterone will experience all of the above symptoms, but the possibility of each does exist.

Men often tend to limit the information they share with a doctor -- especially on matters such as depression, breast tenderness and the loss of sexual desire. Don't let low testosterone hinder your relationship. Be open with your doctor.

Share important details concerning your health. Testosterone therapy may be just the ticket to your wife's memories.

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