Debunking male hair loss myths

Senior men seeking hair loss help have literally mountains of myths to climb in order to get to the truth behind hair loss prevention. The reality is that there are no proven methods of saving your hair once Mother Nature's taken hold, any more than there are proven methods of reversing the aging process. Before you go spending a fortune in hair care products or changing old habits because you think they'll have a beneficial impact on your ever-receding hairline, take a look at the following pervasive hair loss myths.

It's your mother's fault: Hair loss is genetic, but there's a school of thought out there that claims the hair loss gene is passed down from your mother's side of the family; that if your maternal grandpa died with a full head of hair, so will you. But facts are facts: you can get the hair loss gene from either side of the family tree.

Hats make your hair fall out: This is yet another myth that deserves to die a quick and painless death. Just remember, your hair doesn't behave or react like grass, where covering it up from sunlight and moisture will cause it to die in patches. Not wearing hats has about as much to do with hair loss prevention as not wearing checkered pants.

You're bald because you're stressed: Take a look around you. Some of the most well-adjusted, happy, and stress-free people in the world are as bald as eagles...while some of the most maladjusted and tense individuals have more hair on their heads than they know what to do with.

Hair products made you go bald: Again, this is a fallacy. If it were true, we'd have dozens (if not more) class action lawsuits against shampoo companies, asking for compensation for the loss of hair as a result of using it. There's really nothing in the hair product world -- shampoo, color treatments, gel, mousse, or good old fashioned VO5 -- that can cause you to go bald.

Increased blood flow can revive your scalp: Don't go standing on your head and risking permanent injury to test this theory; it doesn't work. Also, don't waste precious money on scalp massages thinking that doing so will be some magical cure to make you look 18 again.

Hair in the drain is a sign you're going bald: Sure, there are men who are going bald who lose tons of hair in the shower. But there are just as many men who lose tons of hair in the shower who don't go bald. The difference is, the non-balding men grow that hair back. Shedding hair is a natural occurrence, so if you see a lot of strands swirling down the drain, don't panic.

Shaving your head will grow your hair thicker: Before you shave your head and risk freezing your noggin off in the winter (or giving you increased sun exposure during the summer) be aware that shaving your head won't have any positive impact on its ability to grow back hair. You might look better, however, if you get rid of that comb-over and go au naturale. Just don't forget to apply sunscreen, or your dermatologist will fight you.

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