Dress the role: The dos and don'ts of embracing your seniorhood in style

Just because you've hit retirement age doesn't mean that your fashion sense has to go out the window. If you're not keen on spending your golden years wearing Hawaiian shirts loud enough to wake the comatose or checkered shorts capable of enticing the derision of those around you, we don't blame you. To offer a helping hand, we've pulled together a few baby boomer style tips to ensure that you stay fashion conscious and hip well into your retirement.

Dress Your Age. This certainly doesn't mean that you've got to be held back by traditional conventions, but it does mean that you should exercise a bit of discretion when selecting your wardrobe. If you're considering an article of clothing that you think your grandkids would love to wear, skip it and opt for something a bit more becoming.

If The Pants Don't Fit... Don't Force Them. Kids these days wear clothing tight enough to cut off circulation, and even though you may not be interested in wearing typical, run of the mill clothing for seniors (like ankle-length dresses for the ladies and cardigan sweaters for the gents), it's best to keep your personal safety in mind by only selecting garb you know won't cause you to pass out.

Show Off Your Personal Flair. You didn't work hard all your life to simply surrender to a cookie-cutter existence in your retirement. Your wardrobe choices represent who you are and the experiences you've had in your life. Don't be afraid to show that off. Choose items of clothing that are unique and that reflect something personal about you.

Accessorize. If you think you'd look dashing in a colorful scarf and it's cold enough outside to be able to make use of it, why not wear it? Consider a unique hat or an eye-catching pair of shoes, or that fancy gold ring you've been eyeing behind the jeweler's shop display. If you can afford it and you think it might add pizzazz to your wardrobe, go for it.

Discovering your fashion sense is a lifelong journey. Understanding this will give you free reign to go on a voyage of discovery that may even end up rewriting the baby boomer style book. The bottom line is this: You've earned the right to be who you want to be. Now go forth boldly and let your individuality show.

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