Facts and myths about anti-aging

The old saying, "Life begins at 40," has been replaced with "40 is the new 30." Men are living longer and with good reason. The secret to the fountain of youth is not in a number, or an active sex drive, or the age of a wife or girlfriend.

Anti-aging secrets depend on how the individual views aging, and there are a few anti-aging tips that have been proven successful and increase longevity. According to a popular website, research has linked aging in people over 50 with their perception of age. If you feel old or think like you are old, it could reduce your lifespan by up to 7.5 years.

One of the best thing a man can do to retain youthfulness is eat well. Consume fruits, vegetables and whole grains everyday. Drink up to eight glasses of water each day or more if you are active or work outside. Dehydration and poor diet will rob your body of essential ingredients needed to stay healthy and cause premature aging.

Begin regular exercise programs. Exercise will slow the aging process, increase stamina, build muscle and bone density, and is heart healthy. According The American Heart Association, two to three comprehensive exercise programs a week will increase vitality.

An anti-aging regimen should also include increasing the amount of antioxidants in a man's diet. Dark-colored vegetables for the carotenoids and berries for flavonoids. Antioxidants work synergistically and could reduce chances of life-threatening diseases. In addition, make sure to consume 200-250 mg of vitamin C and 100-400 IU of vitamin E each day.

Most men never consider skin treatments to keep a youthful appearance, but they are not just for women. More men are turning to cosmetic procedures for younger appearances. Many options are available, including facials, exfoliation treatments or laser resurfacing. However, the secrets to staying young are not in a cosmetic cream alone, but mostly, in your own mind and how well you take care of your body.

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