An overview of breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is a common surgery performed by a plastic surgeon. Large breasts can cause severe back and neck pain, numbness and chronic headache pain. As a woman ages the extra weight can inhibit mobility, affect posture and degrade wellness.

Document pain to ensure maximum insurance coverage

After breast reduction surgery is not the time to worry about the bills related to this procedure. Although there are valid medical reasons for having breast reduction surgery many insurance companies are still reluctant to pay. The best way to ensure coverage is to have your GP, chiropractor and orthopedist document pain and debilitation caused by large breasts. Provide copies of the letters to the plastic surgeon. He or she will then get prior written authorization for the breast reduction surgery. Generally the patient is still responsible for co-pays and a deductible.

Prepare spouse and self: Breast reduction surgery can be gruesome

The breast reduction surgery itself lasts for 2-5 hours. Most women will be put under local anesthesia. An overnight stay is not uncommon. In the procedure three sets of incisions are made. The first incision is made around the nipple with the second extending down to the crease of the breast. A third lateral incision goes under the breast. Extra tissue and fat are removed and then the nipples are usually repositioned slightly higher for cosmetic reasons. Drains are put in and the incisions are sown up. Possible complications related to the surgery can include infection, scarring and side effects related to the anesthesia.

After breast reduction surgery: Breast reduction recovery

After breast reduction surgery it is important to have help. The most important limitation after surgery is not to lift anything heavy. Depending on your recovery time this inability to lift things could go on for some time. A few days after breast reduction surgery the drains will need to be removed at the doctor's office.

Breast reduction recovery time varies from woman to woman. Many women report extreme swelling, breast sensitivity and pain after the procedure. Having the stitches removed can be particularly painful. Scarring is another common complaint. Palmer's coco butter combined with massage can help reduce scarring. It is not uncommon for it to take up to six months for the breasts to attain their final shape and size.

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Despite the pain and discomfort of breast reduction surgery most women report that they are happy with the results one year after the surgery. Women commonly report reduced back and neck pain and improved self-esteem.

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