Learn About Senior Theatre, ATHE Conference August 2-5, 2012

The 2012 ATHE Conference is right around the corner. Join us in Washington D.C. August 2-5 2012 for educational, stimulating and refreshing workshops, discussions and performances! Come learn more about:

· Using Personal Story to Make History Come Alive: WWII From Those Who Were There Oral histories from men and women who served in WWII come alive in exhibits and performances, transforming memories into exciting theatre.

· Senior Theatre Focus Group Meeting Learn about the Focus Group and how you can contribute to the Focus Group’s goals, leadership and future plans. Discover Senior Theatre news and trends.

· Performance: Using Theatre to Educate Learn how to use theatre to educate about past history and current issues using the experiences of two companies as your inspiration.

· Performance: “Sometimes A Rainbow”–Old, Homeless, and Musical Comedy! The musical comedy centers on an abused elderly widow who discovers the meaning of life and the joys of living while surviving on the streets of Washington , DC .

· Panel Discussion/Roundtable: Using Theatre in Health Care, Dementia Care, and Civic Engagement “ElderSpeak,” “The Odyssey,” and how sociodrama and theatre combine to combat ageism and foster improved health care.

· Demonstration: Singing, Dancing Telling Your Story Use music, dance, and theatre to make memories, history, and personal experiences come alive in powerful performances for both audiences and performers.

· Panel Discussion/Roundtable: Equal Rights, Civil Rights, Bullying–Using Theatre to Empower Issues Learn how to combine oral histories and social issues with theatre to create messages that build intergenerational connections and transformative power.

· Panel Discussion/Roundtable: Directing Intergenerational Casts Directing actors of all ages, in all abilities, becomes easier and more successful with proven tips and tricks for creating inclusive performances.

For more information about ATHE, conference registration and lodging visit: http://www.athe.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=6

Contact Bonnie Vorenberg at 503-246-300 or bonniev@seniortheatre.com for more information.

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