Hotel safety tips for seniors

When you are traveling, whether on your own or in a group, you want to be sure that you follow some basic hotel safety rules -- but what about the rules that go beyond "Lock Your Hotel Room Door At All Times?" There are several other tips that can help you maintain security in a hotel, and we have compiled a list especially suited for the 55 and up crowd right here.

Be careful about what you leave in your room. Items such as your passport or other important documents should not be left anywhere that is easily accessible to anyone but you. If you do leave these type of items in your hotel room, make sure that they are in an in-wall safe if one is provided. Otherwise, ask the hotel staff if you can use a safe on the property. Of course, you may need to carry documents like your passport with you especially when you are in a foreign country where you will be frequently prompted to provide it -- just don't leave yourself open for theft of any important documents since they are very difficult to replace quickly.

Seniors staying in hotels need to be cautious about who they speak with in the hotel. It may seem very easy to form new friendships while traveling, but can also be a potential danger. It is just fine to be friendly with others staying in the hotel, but never give out too much personal information about your home, your family, or your exact address.

If you need to ask for some help, such as help finding local attractions or getting directions, the best bet is speaking with the front desk staff at your hotel. These staff members are typically local residents who are very familiar with the area and will also be able to give you some tips about places to see and places to avoid.

You can get the most from your hotel stay as long as you be sure to follow some basic safety tips and enjoy the area safely!

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