A goblet a day: The health benefits of red wine

Does enjoying a glass of red wine each day seem like a guilty pleasure? Recent studies are showing that moderate wine consumption is anything but guilty, and can actually provide health benefits. So, when the craving hits for that nightly glass, don't feel bad giving in -- and pass that Merlot.

The evidence that red wine (in moderation) can actually be healthy continues to accumulate. Below are just a few benefits to that nightly glass of Cabernet.

Red wine increases good cholesterol. According to the Mayo Clinic , red wine can help increase the "good" cholesterol in the body and may actually decrease the bad cholesterol.

Red wine contains antioxidants. Red wine contains non-alcoholic components called flavanoids, which are antioxidants. These act to rid the body of free radicals, which can cause a variety of diseases as well as escalate the aging process.

Red wine helps to prevent blood clots. Yale-New Haven Hospital cites another health benefit of red wine -- that it helps to reduce blood clots, a common cause of heart attacks and strokes.

Red wine may inhibit tumor growth. Yale-New Haven Hospital also indicates that a key component in red grape skins, Resveratrol, may stop some cancerous tumors from growing.

Though doctors might not prescribe a bottle of Pinot Noir to go along with blood pressure medications anytime soon, a nightly glass of wine can still do the body good. Just remember, everything in moderation -- meaning one glass a night, not five. Cheers!

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