Spa treatments and packages for couples

Who says there's no such thing as romance over 50? Those of us who have crossed that barrier can attest to the fact that romance is alive and well. One of the nicest ways to treat yourself and your special someone is with a spa package designed for two. Couples spa packages are increasingly available at day spas, spa resorts and even beauty salons. Below are just a few of the many spa treatments for couples on the market today:

  1. Couples massage. Enjoy a relaxing massage in side-by-side massage tables. Perhaps, savor the smoothing warmth of a hot stone massage, a real boost for sore muscles and aching joints. What to do after the massage? Well, that's up to the two of you.
  2. Steam and herbals baths for two. Many spas have private steam rooms set aside just for couples. What could be more sensuous than sitting in the refreshing steam next to your sweetheart in just your towel? Many spas include refreshments, such as Champagne, fruit and cheese, after your steam bath.
  3. Mud baths. Popular in northern California, south Florida and Europe, mud baths have been used for centuries to treat arthritis. They're also a relaxing--and kind of sexy--way to pass an hour. You sit in warm, volcanic mud with nothing--or next to nothing--on and let the natural warmth reinvigorate you.

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