The facts and lies about anti-wrinkle treatments

It seems that a new anti-wrinkle products comes on the market every day. They range in price from a few dollars a treatment to very expensive and can be found everywhere from the pharmacy to Infomercials. Most of us want to look as young as possible without being ridiculous, but do these products really deliver on their anti-wrinkle promises? Are they worth your money? Here's a look at the facts and myths surrounding anti-wrinkle treatment products:

The Facts:

It's important to realize what wrinkle removal products and wrinkle treatments can and cannot do:

  1. No product can completely remove wrinkles.
  2. Exercising facial muscles can help prevent facial wrinkles from forming or deepening.
  3. Anti-wrinkle products are not just for "old" people. Using such a product in your 30s or 40s can help wrinkles from developing.

The Myths:

Not all of the claims made by anti-wrinkle product manufacturers are true. For instance:

  1. The more expensive a product, the better it works. Many inexpensive treatments, including taking fish oil and vitamin C orally, are very effective in minimizing wrinkles.
  2. Products using the words organic or botanical are not necessarily healthier. These words are not regulated for such products.
  3. Products work instantly. Most anti-wrinkle products take days, even up to a week, to show results.
  4. All products are alike. Some products, and some ingredients, work better for some people than others. It generally has less to do with the price and more to do with how well the active ingredient mixes with your body's chemistry.

Of course, our lifestyle also contributes greatly to how gracefully we age. Not smoking, not drinking to excess, staying out of the sun, staying hydrated, exercising regularly and eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can do more towards fighting the effects of getting older than any cream or ointment can do.

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