Traveling without insurance: What are the risk involved?

Insurance, a necessary traveler's expense at home and abroad.

Insurance, a necessary traveler's expense at home and abroad

Travel is fun. It is also sometimes stressful. Accidents happen and the possibility of unexpected complications always lingers on the air. Whether by air, train, bus, ship or car, traveling without insurance is never a good idea.

Traveler's insurance acts as a hedge against worst-case scenarios. It's a gambler's game that the insurance providers typically win -- unless you happen to be a current victim of circumstances.

Here are five key benefits associated with a reasonability-priced travel insurance package:

1) Cancellations -- Marked as the primary concern for the average traveler, your vacation insurance package should enable you to recoup losses due to your need to cancel any planned pre-paid, non-refundable trip activities.

2) Medical emergencies -- Typically overlooked due to existing local healthcare coverage, Medical Expense insurance assures that you get adequate medical care while traveling in a foreign country.

3) Evacuations -- This type travel insurance plan covers one of the most devastating unexpected expenses that travelers can encounter. Emergency Evacuation Coverage typically takes covers:

  • Airlifts
  • Ambulance requirements
  • And Med-flights.

4) Travel delays and baggage loss -- From reimbursement for personal belongs to the cost of lost, stolen or damaged luggage, Baggage Delay travel insurance takes care of your essentials. Be sure to top it off with a Travel Delay program designed to handle the expenses of overnight stays due to delayed flights, hijacked trains or sinking ships.

5) Worldwide phone assistance -- 24/7 "lifelines" help travelers deal with cancelled flights, lost passports, medical emergencies and stolen baggage. The primary 24/7 Travel Insurance package includes assistance in:

  • A search for local hospitals
  • Emergency prescription replacements
  • Medical treatment in spite of language barriers
  • Locating lost baggage
  • Replacing damaged baggage
  • Recovery or replacement of lost travel documents and passports
  • Basic travel guidance
  • Interpretive telephone assistance
  • More.

Traveling without insurance is a no-win situation

In a world punctuated with identity theft, rental car thief, hazardous activities and a whole mess of other undesirable but possible calamities, every traveler should consider where they are going, what major obstacles lay along the route, and how many dangers are known to lurk in those far away shadows. Have fun, but plan well. Take time to purchase a traveler's insurance package that fits your destination and your personal needs.

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