Passing on your skills by volunteering for driver safety programs

Driver Safety Courses Share Simple Driving Truths

Driver safety courses apply common sense to practical driver issues. When April was 17 years old, she got a speeding ticket for doing 57 in a 45 mph zone. She told her dad that she topped the hill just past the Cold Springs intersection at 45 mph, let up on the gas, and didn't realize her pickup could gain 12 miles an hour just from coasting.

Her dad dismissed the excuse, reprimanded his daughter, and made her pay the full consequences out of her own pocket and time. Some 46 years later, April's dad topped the same hill, let up on the gas, and watched the speed needle climb by nearly 15 mph. When he got home he called his daughter and apologized for that long ago lack of trust.

An AARP Driver Safety Class Helps Reduce The Learning Curve

Sometimes simple things take years to learn. Common sense and practical courtesy are basic components of safe driving habits, yet sometimes people get so caught up in regulations and expectations that they miss obvious truths. Safe driving is a learned skill that is acquired through time and experience, but an AARP Driver Safety class can help reduce the learning curve.

The current AARP Driver Safety class program uses the skills of common people to increase highway safety. Here is how you can use your skills to aid in the project:

1) Become an Instructor

Organize and teach driver safety courses at various local community centers, including libraries, schools and senior care centers. You can also setup classrooms at local hospitals.

2) Be a Coordinator

The driver safety classes in every AARP district must be coordinated by region and state. Use your people skills to plan, recruit and supervise instructor workshops or to negotiate with local sponsors.

3) Be the Marketing Specialists

AARP marketing specialists have the skills to open host sites. Convince local businesses and community resource managers that hosting AARP Driver safety courses leads to free publicity and/or promotional value.

AARP Driver Safety Courses Promote Community Unity

Give back to the community. Join this rewarding service opportunity. The AARP Driver Safety positions are unpaid, but the benefit of helping others is priceless. Just remember the service does provide payback for out-of-pocket expenses.

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