Grandpa knows best: Healthy foods for you and your grandkids

Natural foods, once the only choice in the past, are being reviewed as parental food choices opt for a preference for raw and natural, unprocessed foods. Many meals that Grandma and Grandpa grew up with are again being lauded as healthy. This includes some of the best healthy snacks, like whole grain products, vegetables and fruits. What used to be healthy snacks for kids in the pre-fast food era are once more finding their way into school lunches and the kitchen pantry.

Fresh foods are the best healthy snacks for you and your grandkids. High-fiber products like whole-grain crackers, multi-grain breads, apples, nuts, berries and beans are still the preferred food choices of many older persons. Much publicity has been given to the benefits of these high-fiber, healthy food choices for seniors, and benefits go way beyond just adding bulk and regularity to normal digestive processes.

High-fiber products are known to help keep cholesterol and blood sugar levels lower. Low sugar products are ideal for anyone trying to maintain control over their weight or lose a few pounds. The benefits of lower sugar foods extend to the grandkids, as many children struggle with obesity, diabetes and ADHD problems.

Grandpa may have not had the vast food choices that are available today, but he does understand the great taste of raw foods like fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden. Treat your grandkids to fun snacks they will love, such as fresh frozen fruit popsicles, ants (raisins) on a log (celery stick stuffed with peanut butter), peanut butter on a banana boat (slice banana lengthwise) or popcorn that is homemade with seasoning instead of butter and salt. They will have fun while getting the proper nutrition.

Grandpa knows best: healthy foods are better for you and your grandkids. It's time to listen to his words of wisdom and learn more about selecting healthy food choices. Shop the outside counters in the grocery store, where fresh foods and produce are abundant. Have fun with the grandkids by teaching them about fresh food and how to prepare them for meals and healthy snacks.

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