Consider increasing your charitable giving to offset rising taxes

It has often been said that there are two things that are certain in life: Death and taxes. In fact, the surety of ever rising taxes in the coming years may well soon increase to the point of inducing the other surety, death. These solemn truths result from our federal government's continuing profligacy to spend money through debt issuance unabated by the constraints of a weakened economy, coupled with the heightening encumbrance that our many transfer payment schemes present (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment benefits, food stamps, etc.) in light of shifting demographics (fewer workers for each retiree or non-working benefit recipient).

One sound strategy to offset this rising tax burden involves helping others in order to help ourselves via increasing charitable giving. Especially in the context of the continued slump in our economy, there are more and more people who need a helping hand just to get by these days, and there are many diligent and worthy charities that seek to meet these growing needs. And the stress and often poor eating and exercising habits that frequently result from hard economic times are leading to more health complications among our populace, presenting many opportunities to support the countless dedicated health charities across our nation. Further, our society's seemingly perpetual declension in civility and care for our fellow man have broken open a chasm of moral torpor that cries out for a resurgence of our many loving and thoughtful religious charities to fill the void.

While we must each decide and select for ourselves the particular non-profit organizations that we desire to support with our generosity, choosing to get involved and make a difference can ease the suffering of many hard hit souls all around us, while simultaneously lightening Uncle Sam's reach into our pockets and pocketbooks.

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