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Chicago museum's unearthed Soviet posters a diary of war

CHICAGO (Reuters) - The horrors and heroism of World War Two are given a fresh look in an Art Institute of Chicago exhibition of rediscovered Soviet propaganda posters, which depict Hitler as blood-thirsty, anxious and perverse. One poster in the "Windows on the War" exhibition, opening to the public on Sunday, features a caricature of a worried Hitler hiding a crude hand gesture under his cap while Joseph Goebbels orates nervously.

E-bikes a hit with "green" German consumers

BERLIN (Reuters Life!) - Electric bikes may be the bicycle industry's next big thing if German users are anything to go by. Demand in Germany, one of Europe's largest markets for electronic bicycles along with the Netherlands, tripled in 2010 and is set to grow by 50 percent to 300,000 this year, according to bicycle industry association ZIV.

Hordes of bats delight Texas city residents

AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - A drought in the state of Texas, where 1.5 million bats are living under a bridge in the city of Austin, has fueled a bat frenzy with locals gathering each night to view the nocturnal creatures. The drought has destroyed crops in Texas and killed delicious pests that the Mexican free-tailed bats eat.

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