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Distillery to make South Carolina's first legal moonshine

CHARLESTON, South Carolina (Reuters) - Two entrepreneurs are taking advantage of South Carolina's new micro-distillery laws to make traditional moonshine whiskey legally in the state for the first time. The Dark Corner Distillery will open next month in Greenville, where engineer Joe Fenten and longtime home beer brewer Richard Wenger will produce and sell small batches of 100-proof moonshine from a custom-made copper still.

Bill Gates says high school degree no longer enough

BOSTON (Reuters Life!) - A high school diploma is not enough to secure the best paying and most interesting jobs, said Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, who dropped out of Harvard University to build his computer company. "Every student needs a meaningful credential beyond high school," said Gates, who spoke at an education and employment conference sponsored by the civil rights group the National Urban League.

No sexy girls please, China tells online game fair

SHANGHAI (Reuters Life!) - Hemlines are a little longer at this year's annual online gaming fair in Shanghai, as companies take to heart a government directive against "vulgarity," a Chinese newspaper reported on Friday. The ChinaJoy Expo, an annual online game showcase, is well-known for its "spicy girls" who dress up in hot pants and bras to dance and pose at company booths.

Poisonous hemlock hitting the heights in Britain

LONDON (Reuters Life!) - The poisonous plant that famously finished off Socrates is sprouting to record sizes in Britain this year, prompting experts to issue health warnings. Hemlock, long a key ingredient in European witchcraft potions and traditional medicines, is thriving thanks to an extended spell of hot weather mixed with recent heavy rains.

Football prompts most heat-related hospital visits

ATLANTA (Reuters Life!) - With most of United States in the midst of a hot summer, new research shows that football leads to more non-fatal, heat-related emergency room visits than any other activity. A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of 66 hospitals from 2001-2009 found showed that nearly one-fourth of all emergency rooms visits for a heat illness were attributed to football.

NY museum extends hours of McQueen exhibit

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - The Metropolitan Museum of Art is extending the hours of its wildly popular Costume Institute exhibition featuring the work of late designer Alexander McQueen. The museum, which had already extended "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty" past its original end date of July 31 and also lengthened viewing hours, will offer unprecedented late-night, final weekend hours to accommodate the crowds expected before the exhibit closes on August 7.

"Mystic River" author says his characters lure actors

GIJON, Spain (Reuters) - "Mystic River" author Dennis Lehane attributes the success of his books on the silver screen to his characters, which he says attract the attention of good actors. Clint Eastwood's film version of "Mystic River" was nominated for the 2004 Oscar for Best Picture, Ben Affleck filmed "Gone, Baby, Gone" and Lehane admits a deal with Martin Scorsese for "Shutter Island" drew the envy and admiration of other writers.

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