LONDON (Reuters) - Healthy, middle-aged smokers who take Pfizer's Chantix or Champix, one of the most popular quit-smoking drugs, have a higher risk of suffering heart attacks or other serious heart problems, a study found on Monday. British and American scientists analyzed 14 clinical trials of Champix, sold as Chantix in the United States and known generically as varenicline, and found the likelihood of developing serious heart problems resulting in hospitalization, disability or death was 72 percent higher in patients taking the drug compared with those taking a placebo.

UK government asked to pay more for elderly care

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's cash-strapped government should spend more on caring for the elderly, according to proposals on Monday that would for the first time limit the amount anyone has to pay for help in old age. The cost to the individual should be capped at around 35,000 pounds ($56,000), the government-commissioned report said, with the state picking up the bill thereafter. The proposals would cost taxpayers up to 2.2 billion pounds annually.

Moms' diet not tied to kids' heart health: study

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A new study from West Africa suggests that supplementing pregnant women's diets with extra calories and protein doesn't protect their kids against risk factors for heart disease once they're teenagers. But researchers unconnected to the new work suggest that it might take more time for those extra prenatal calories to show up in the form of lower cholesterol and blood pressure among adult children.

Evidence "increasingly against" phone cancer risk

LONDON (Reuters) - Despite a recent move to classify mobile phones as possibly carcinogenic, the scientific evidence increasingly points away from a link between their use and brain tumors, according to a new study. A major review of previously published research by a committee of experts from Britain, the United States and Sweden concluded there was no convincing evidence of any cancer connection.

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