Cigarette makers sue FDA over new labeling rules

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Four big cigarette makers sued the Food and Drug Administration, seeking to void as unconstitutional new graphic labels and advertising that warn consumers about the risks of smoking and induce them to quit. The lawsuit by Reynolds American Inc's R.J. Reynolds unit, Lorillard Inc, Liggett Group LLC and Commonwealth Brands Inc, owned by Britain's Imperial Tobacco Group Plc, said the warnings required no later than September 22, 2012 would force cigarette makers to "engage in anti-smoking advocacy" on the government's behalf.

Experts redesign common microbe to fight drug-resistant bacteria

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Researchers in Singapore have re-engineered a harmless strain of bacteria to fight another common, drug-resistant microbe that spreads in hospitals and is deadly to patients with weak immune systems. To fight the Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacterium, the scientists used a strain of the E.coli bacteria that is normally present in the human gut.

World Bank calls Horn of Africa famine manmade

BERLIN (Reuters) - The famine in the Horn of Africa is manmade - the result of artificially high prices for food and civil conflict, the World Bank's lead economist for Kenya Wolfgang Fengler told Reuters Tuesday. "This crisis is manmade," Fengler said in a telephone interview. "Droughts have occurred over and again, but you need bad policymaking for that to lead to a famine."

J&J, Lilly drugs found among best for manic episodes

LONDON (Reuters) - Antipsychotics are far more effective than mood stabilizers in tackling acute manic episodes, researchers found, and Eli Lilly's Zyprexa, Johnson & Johnson's Risperdal and generic haloperidol outperform the rest. In a study published in the Lancet medical journal on Wednesday, researchers from Britain and Italy ranked antipsychotic drugs according to their effectiveness and said that since current treatment guidelines don't differentiate between the drugs, their findings could offer useful guidance for doctors.

Blood injections may help chronic "tennis elbow"

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Blood injections, especially of platelet-rich blood, into the affected area help relieve the pain associated with "tennis elbow" where other treatment methods have failed, according to a Greek study. Analogous blood injections, in which the patient's own blood is taken and then injected into a specific area of the body, is used to help harness the healing power of blood to treat the degeneration of tendons. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is blood that has been spun in a centrifuge to separate the blood cells.

HIV in America: Studies zero in on trouble spots

CHICAGO (Reuters) - U.S. health experts are turning to sophisticated computer mapping technology and electronic medical records to identify pockets of Americans most at risk of HIV infection. In one study, presented on Tuesday at 2011 National HIV Prevention Conference in Atlanta, researchers at the Cleveland Department of Public Health saw big improvements in rates of HIV testing when they added reminders to patients' electronic health records about the need for routine testing.

Not enough evidence for bladder cancer screening