New York maid hits Strauss-Kahn with civil lawsuit

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn sexually assaulted a housekeeper in a "violent and sadistic attack" in his hotel suite in Manhattan in May, a civil lawsuit filed on Monday alleges. The lawsuit, which follows criminal charges against the Frenchman, repeats the version of events that Nafissatou Diallo, the woman who accused him, has told since she revealed her identity in media interviews last month.

Americans wonder where the misery will end

NEW YORK (Reuters) - America is on the fritz. From Times Square to St. Petersburg, Florida, and Portland, Oregon, people are trying to understand how the downgrading of America's AAA credit rating by Standard and Poor's agency caused a stock market crash and torpedoed their economic prospects so badly again.

Jurors hear polygamist leader warn girls not to reject him

SAN ANTONIO (Reuters) - Texas jurors heard polygamist leader Warren Jeffs, who heads a breakaway Mormon sect, warning underage girls in a tape played on Monday that God would reject them if they refused to have sex with him. One juror broke down in tears as prosecutors in the punishment phase of Jeffs' child sex assault trial played explicit audio recordings detailing his sexual involvement with multiple young girls at his group's west Texas ranch.

Southern U.S. boils while Midwest has storms

AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - The Southeast and southern Plains broiled under more record-breaking heat on Monday while heavy rain and gusting winds threatened to pummel the nation's midsection. Texas and Oklahoma confirmed more heat-related deaths and battled dozens of wildfires raging in the region. The outlook for relief in the next few days from the heat was bleak.

Swimmer, 61, forced to end Cuba-Florida swim: report

MIAMI (Reuters) - Sixty-one-year-old American swimmer Diana Nyad was forced to end her bid to become the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage in mid-trip on Tuesday, CNN reported. CNN, which had a producer on one of the boats accompanying Nyad, said she was vomiting when she was brought aboard a boat at 12:45 a.m.

Pro-Romney group confirms identity of mystery donor

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Pro-Mitt Romney political action committee Restore Our Future confirmed on Monday the identity of a donor whose mysterious million dollar gift sparked a furor over 2012 presidential campaign finance transparency. The donor identified himself to media as Ed Conard, a former top executive for private-equity firm Bain Capital, in order to "put an end to the supposed controversy," spokesperson Brittany Gross said on Monday.

No DNA match for latest DB Cooper suspect, FBI says

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - DNA analysis has failed to establish a link between the skyjacker dubbed D.B. Cooper and a new suspect in the decades-old case, but the results do not rule out that he may have been the culprit, the FBI said on Monday. The FBI's disclosure came days after an Oklahoma woman came forward to say she believes her late uncle, Lynn Doyle Cooper, was the mysterious man who hijacked a Pacific Northwest flight in 1971 and then vanished.

Financial advisers have "black Monday" blues

NEW YORK (Reuters) - For plenty of financial advisers -- who also serve as quasi-therapists, spiritual gurus and confidantes -- Monday was bad. Really bad.

Gas-soaked Idaho man jailed for bomb threats

SALMON, Idaho (Reuters) - A man soaked in gasoline and armed with a machete threatened to blow up himself and police during a confrontation in a northwest Idaho town, authorities said on Monday. Frederick Purdin, 44, who police described as mentally unstable, was arrested following a 10-minute standoff in Lewiston, Idaho, on Sunday night.

Gunman, victims identified in Ohio shooting rampage

CLEVELAND (Reuters) - Police were still trying to determine on Monday why a 51-year-old man shot and critically wounded his longtime girlfriend and killed seven other people in a quiet Ohio suburb before he was killed by police. Police said Michael Hance shot Rebecca Dieter, 49, and chased down her brother Craig Dieter, 51, and his 11-year-old son Scott Dieter and shot them dead in a Sunday rampage in Copley Township, near Akron, Ohio.

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