Northwest Prime Time is a publication for vital men and women over 50 who are curious, passionate, and engaged with the world they live in, who know that these years are the prime time of their lives.

The award-winning Northwest Prime Time newspaper brings lively articles, resources, and other valuable information of interest to our target audience – those aged 50+ living in the greater Seattle / Puget Sound region.

Topics of articles appearing in Northwest Prime Time Newspaper include:

  • Retirement Lifestyles
  • Health & Wellness
  • Arts & Leisure
  • Travel & Adventure
  • Money Matters & Financial Planning
  • Senior Living Options
  • Family & Community
  • Humor & Puzzles
  • Volunteering
  • Personality Profiles
  • Nostalgia
  • Life Perspectives & Words of Wisdom
  • Long-Term Care & Hospice
  • Grandparenting
  • Pets

In addition to the variety of topics covered each month, some months also feature a special focus: (this schedule can change without notice)

Snowbird Retirement Lifestyles & Hot Winter Vacation Ideas

A Guide to Healthy Aging (February is Heart Health Month)

Bi-Annual Retirement Housing Guide; National Volunteering Month

A Look at Rehab; Long Term Care (May is Better Hearing & Stroke Awareness Month)

Northwest Road Trips & Travel Destinations

July - August:
Best Places to Retire; Favorite Northwest Communities; Pets - Part of the Family

Fine & Performing Arts

Bi-Annual Retirement Housing Guide

Home Healthcare; Hospice; Alzheimer's

Favorite Holiday Stories (stories from all religious holidays and traditions are accepted); Guide to Estate Planning & Charitable Giving

Writer's Guidelines - Some brief guidelines:
Northwest Prime Time accepts a variety of articles on a number of subjects that relate to people over 50.

Most feature articles are 500-600 words in length. Northwest Prime Time news also accepts newsbriefs and other short notices of interest to our readership.

Send article queries to:

We accept articles for consideration. Please send by email as a Microsoft Word attachment, and also copied into the email message itself.

Be sure to include your full contact information when you submit articles (full name, address, telephone number, email – be sure to let me know the best way to reach you). Also, please include your byline – the way you like your name to read.

The editor prefers that writers send completed articles for consideration with the understanding that article may be kept on file for consideration for several months. Northwest Prime Time retains the right to edit articles.


Northwest Prime Time would like to thank our contributors. Find out more about them below!

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